Find Out a Boat's History

Before buying a used vessel we strongly recommend purchasing Used Boat History Report. The boat report will give you information about a boat's history - and can help you make a better decision about whether to buy the boat.

Used boat history reports contain the following information:

  • Has the boat been stolen or salvaged?
  • Has the boat sustained major damage such as hurricane damage?
  • Has the boat been in a fire, collision, or submerged?
  • Is the boat a victim of a potential environmental lien?
  • Has the boat ever been used as a rental?
  • Was the boat used as a coast guard vessel?
  • Was the boat a lemon?
  • You'll find out when and where a boat has been registered.

A used boat history report will not be able to tell you:

  • Previous owners' names and addresses.
  • Information about vessels made before 1972. Until 1971, Hull Identification Numbers (HIN's) were not standardized and the available information cannot show the unique history of each individual boat.
  • Routine service and repair information.
  • You will not be able to see the specific reasons for title branding. If you need additional info we suggest you contact the DMV of the state in which the boat title was issued.

There are many websites that offer used boat history reports. All these companies draw on the same main sources of information to produce your boat report. However, this does not mean your boat report will be the same from each company. Each will provide the information above - along with unique additional services and information. Get your Used Boat History Report Today!

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